Cucullia calendulae Treitschke, 1835

Cucullia calendulae: Adult (La Gomera) [M] Cucullia calendulae: Adult (e.l. Canary Islands) [S] Cucullia calendulae: Adult (Tenerife, March 2012) [M] Cucullia calendulae: Adult drying the wings after emergence (e.l. La Palma) [S] Cucullia calendulae: Ovum (La Gomera) [N] Cucullia calendulae: Ovum [N] Cucullia calendulae: Young larva (La Palma, December) [N] Cucullia calendulae: Half-grown larva (La Gomera, December 2008) [M] Cucullia calendulae: Half-grown larva (La Gomera) [N] Cucullia calendulae: Larva (La Palma, December) [N] Cucullia calendulae: Larva (Fuerteventura) [N] Cucullia calendulae: Larva (Fuerteventura) [N] Cucullia calendulae: Larva (brownish form, Fuerteventura) [M] Cucullia calendulae: Larva (head, Fuerteventura) [N] Cucullia calendulae: Pupa (e.l. Fuerteventura) [S] Cucullia calendulae: Habitat: Calendula-rich edge in La Palma in December 2006 [N] Cucullia calendulae: Habitat in Fuerteventura: dunes with winter annual Calendula plants (February 2010) [N]

Host plants:
The larvae feed on Asteraceae, especially Calendula species.

Cucullia calendulae inhabits ruderal areas, dunes, maquis, fields, roadsides and similar places.

Life cycle:
The adults fly especially from autumn to spring. The caterpillars live usually in the spring in the Mediterranean region, but in the Canary Islands already since the late autumn (La Palma: December 2006, La Gomera: Christmas 2008, Fuerteventura: February 2010). The pupa aestivates to survive the lack of food in summer drought.

Cucullia calendulae is missing in Central Europe and is widespread in the Mediterranean. It occurs from Madeira and the Canaries across North Africa and Southern Europe to the Middle East (e.g. Iran).

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