Lasionycta calberlai (Staudinger, 1883)

Lasionycta calberlai: Adult (e.p. central Valais 2009) [S] Lasionycta calberlai: Adult (e.p. central Valais 2009) [S] Lasionycta calberlai: Pupa (found in the field, central Valais, 1000m above sea level, 12.04.2009) [S]

Host plants:
The caterpillar feeds on Clematis vitalba, perhaps also on other species of Clematis.

Lasionycta calberlai inhabits mostly dry-warm, rocky, shrubbery rich slopes that are partially overgrown with Clematis. A frequent companion is Thyris fenestrella.

Life cycle:
The pupa seems to hibernate (an observation in mid-April in Valais at about 1000m above sea level). The moths fly in a single generation from mid-May to July. The caterpillar is probably most likely to be found from late June to August.

Endangerment factors:
Lasionycta calberlai is endangered in some places by conversion of the habitats into vineyards, the succession towards denser forest-like stocks and other cultivation, so in the Valais.

Lasionycta calberlai occurs only from southeastern France across almost all of Italy and southern Switzerland to Slovenia (Adriato-Mediterranean type of distribution).

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