Agrochola mansueta (Herrich-Schäffer, 1850)

Synonyms/other combinations:
Frivaldskyola mansueta

Agrochola mansueta: Adult (e.l. Samos 2009) [S] Agrochola mansueta: Adult [S] Agrochola mansueta: Larva (Samos, May 2009) [M] Agrochola mansueta: Larva (Samos, May 2009) [M] Agrochola mansueta: Pupa [S] Agrochola mansueta: Habitat in Samos [N]

Host plants:
The caterpillars live polyphagous on near ground parts of herbaceous plants and mosses and lichens.

Agrochola mansueta inhabits mostly warm, rocky areas with bushes. I found caterpillars in Samos in a partially shaded rock slope with bushes.

Life cycle:
The moths fly from September until well into the winter. The caterpillars develop in early spring and are mature in early May. They live on the rocks and hide during the day in old leaves or in other litter. The prepupae aestivates and pupates only after a bit cooler weather.

Agrochola mansueta occurs in Europe only in the European part of Turkey, in the far north-eastern Greece, and on some Aegean islands (Crete, Samos, Rhodes). In addition, it is widespread in Asia Minor.

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