Pseudoterpna pruinata (Hufnagel, 1767)

Pseudoterpna pruinata: The moths are very variable, there are also brownish individuals. Besides the colours fade quickly. [S] Pseudoterpna pruinata: Larva (High Provence) [S] Pseudoterpna pruinata: Pupa [S]

Host plants:
Broom species (Sarothamnus, Genista, Cytisus)

Pseudoterpna pruinata colonizes broom-rich locations such as acidic mountain pastures in Haute-Provence, sandy heathland and others.

Life cycle:
The caterpillar overwinters and is mature in May. The moths fly in one or two generations from late May to September.

Endangerment: endangered

Endangerment factors:
Broom heathland were considered worthless wasteland and converted largely into more lucrative conditions (intensification, asparagus fields, overbuilding etc.). In southern Europe the conditions are a little better and there (as in Provence) Pseudoterpna pruinata is still more common.

Pseudoterpna pruinata is widespread in Europe and Western Asia.