Rhodostrophia calabra (Petagna, 1786)

Rhodostrophia calabra: Adult (e.l. Valais, Switzerland) [S] Rhodostrophia calabra: Adult (e.l. central Valais 2009) [S] Rhodostrophia calabra: Larva (Zentralwallis, mid April 2009, at Hippocrepis comosa) [M] Rhodostrophia calabra: Pupa [S] Rhodostrophia calabra: Habitat in the Valais (larval records) [N]

Host plants:
The larva is polyphagous on herbs, but prefers as Rhodostrophia vibicaria Fabaceae. I found them in the central Valais at Hippocrepis comosa.

Rhodostrophia calabra inhabits warm, often rocky slopes and grasslands as well as probably sandy places.

Life cycle:
The caterpillar overwinters. I found it in mid-April in Valais. The moths fly from May to early July.

Endangerment: threatened with extinction

Endangerment factors:
Rhodostrophia calabra is endangered in Central Europe by the qualitative and quantitative decline of grasslands.

Rhodostrophia calabra occurs in parts of western and Southern Europe to Western Asia (Turkey, etc.). In Central Europe it is only found only very locally, for example in the Valais. In Germany a relic population in the central Rhine-Mosel-Nahe region is known.

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