Erebia pharte (Hübner, 1804)

Erebia pharte: Female [N] Erebia pharte: Female [N] Erebia pharte: Upper side [N] Erebia pharte: Upper side [S] Erebia pharte: Lower side [S] Erebia pharte: Lower side [S] Erebia pharte: Ovum [S] Erebia pharte: L1-larva [S] Erebia pharte: Young larva [S] Erebia pharte: Half-grown larva [S] Erebia pharte: Larva [S] Erebia pharte: Larva, fully-grown [S] Erebia pharte: Pupa, lateral [S] Erebia pharte: Pupa, ventral [S] Erebia pharte: Pupa, dorsal [S] Erebia pharte: Habitat in the Allgaeu in 1800 m above sea level: Carex ferruginea dominated slopes [N] Erebia pharte: Habitat in the west Bavarian Alps in the Daumen massif near Hinterstein in 1800m NN in August 2012. [N]

Host plants:
The species feeds on grasses of medium to higher production such as Carex ferruginea.

Erebia pharte inhabits pastures, slopes with higher growing grasses, dwarf shrub meadows and green alder slopes of the Alps from about 1,200 meters above sea level upwards. Erebia pharte reproduces also in more north facing slopes, but is often missing in the peripheral, lower mountain ranges of the Pre-Alps.

Life cycle:
Apparently Erebia pharte has a two-year development. Adults appear between mid/late June and early August.

Endangerment factors:
Erebia pharte is mostly not special endangered.

Erebia pharte is endemic to Europe and occurs in the Alps, Tatra and the Carpathians.

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