Dociostaurus brevicollis (Eversmann, 1848)

Dociostaurus brevicollis: Adult (N-Greece, Thessaloniki, late June 2013) [N] Dociostaurus brevicollis: Adult (N-Greece, coast near Katerini, early July 2013) [N] Dociostaurus brevicollis: Habitat at the coast near Katerini (N-Greece, late June 2013) [N]

Dociostaurus brevicollis inhabits similar to its congeners dry and warm places such as coastal dunes, gappy pastures and fields or stony slopes and dry river beds.

In Europe Dociostaurus brevicollis occurs only in the Southeast (Balkan Peninsula from eastern and southern Austria and Hungary to Greece).

As in the SW-European D. genei and jagoi hind femora are blackish blue or blue and not red.

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