Podismopsis keisti (Nadig, 1989)

Podismopsis keisti: Male [N] Podismopsis keisti: Female [N] Podismopsis keisti: Female, darkbrown [N] Podismopsis keisti: Female, lightbrown [N] Podismopsis keisti: Habitat [N] Podismopsis keisti: Habitat [N]

Podismopsis keisti inhabits pastures, dwarf shrub zones and loose forb communities which are mostly grazed with cows and partly sheep. It occurs at altitudes from 1600 to 2250m above sea level.

Life cycle:
Imagines appear from July to early October.

Endangerment factors:
Although Podismopsis keisti seems to cope well with grazing, overgrazing by sheep (succeeding of cattle grazing) possibly creates a long-term problem. Additionally, the Churfirst mountains are extremely touristy claimed (vicinity of Zurich). But Podismopsis keisti is still quite common so far (2006).

Podismopsis keisti is endemic to the Churfirst group in the norteastern Switzerland and was only discovered in the late 1980s!

Podismopsis styriaca