Acrotylus patruelis (Herrich-Schäffer, 1838)

Acrotylus patruelis: Adult (Crete, central southern coast, early May 2013) [N] Acrotylus patruelis: Habitat in Crete (central southern coast, early May 2013) [N]

Acrotylus patruelis inhabits sandy or stony places with scarce vegeation especially in low altitudes.

Life cycle:
The adults occur from summer partly hibernating until spring.

Acrotylus patruelis occurs in parts of Africa, Southern Europe (northwards occasionally to Ticino, Switzerland) and Western Asia.

The animals are more slender than Acrotylus insubricus. The forewings overtop the hind knees more than half the length of the hind femur.

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