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Here you can find additionally some Orthoptera species (Ensifera, Caelifera, Mantodea). These groups show distinct ecological niches and can be used as bioindicators for nature conversation purposes.

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Cadiz (early March 2019)  
Acrida ungarica
Male (S-France, Argeles-Plage, October 2013)  
Male (Peloponnes, western coast, early August 2019)  
Male (Italy, Gargano, late September 2016)  
Male (Madeira, Encumeada, 1200m asl, March 2013)  
Adult at an moist open spot in a humid pasture (Olympus, 600m above sea level, July 2010)  
Arcyptera fusca
Female (Switzerland, Valais)  
Male (La Palud sur Verdon, Ende Mai 2015)  
Male (Samos, Kerkis, 1000m asl, May 2014)  
Female (N-Greece, Vitsi, late June 2013)  
Male (Tenerife, Anaga, March 2012)  
Arminda burri
Male (Spain, Gran Canaria, Artenara, mid-December 2016)  
Male (La Gomera, Valle Hermosa, February 2013)  
Arminda palmae
Male (La Palma, December 2010)  
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