Zygaena alluaudi Oberthür, 1922

Zygaena alluaudi: Adult [S] Zygaena alluaudi: Adult [S] Zygaena alluaudi: Adult [S] Zygaena alluaudi: Young larva [S] Zygaena alluaudi: Half-grown larva [S] Zygaena alluaudi: Larva [S] Zygaena alluaudi: Larva [S] Zygaena alluaudi: Larva [S] Zygaena alluaudi: Cocoon [S]

Host plants:
The caterpillars live on Coronilla minima and C. juncea.

Zygaena alluaudi colonizes dry slopes in the Atlas Mountains from 1400 to 2100m above sea level.

Life cycle:
The caterpillars overwinter usually several times and reach maturity in the spring. The adults fly in some populations in May and June, while the caterpillars of other populations (ssp. lamprotes) aestivate fully-grown and pupate in late summer (adults in September/October, only sporadically in the spring). Possibly also the larvae of the early flying moths hibernate already mature...

Endangerment factors:
Zygaena alluaudi is threatened by overgrazing and tourism/expansion of ski areas.

Zygaena alluaudi is endemic to Morocco (High, Middle and Rifatlas) and is absent from Europe. I thank Axel Hofmann for transfer of breeding material.

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