Adscita alpina (Alberti, 1937)

Adscita alpina: Male Adscita alpina: Male (SE-Valais) [N] Adscita alpina: Female [N] Adscita alpina: Female [S] Adscita alpina: Ovae [S] Adscita alpina: Mines of young larvae [S] Adscita alpina: Young larvae [S] Adscita alpina: Young larva [S] Adscita alpina: Larva [S] Adscita alpina: Larva [S] Adscita alpina: Cocoon [S] Adscita alpina: Pupa [S] Adscita alpina: Habitat with richlich Rumex scutatus (Wallis) [N]

Host plants:
The caterpillars live on sorrel species, often at Rumex scutatus.

Adscita alpina inhabits pastures, embankments, avalanche paths and particularly rocky or stony locations of Rumex scutatus from the valleys up to over 2000m asl.

Life cycle:
The young caterpillars overwinter and become mature between May and late June, depending on the altitude. The moths fly from July to early September and are usually observed on purple flowers of thistles, Knautia or Centaurea.

Endangerment factors:
In places, this species is threatened by overgrowth of habitats, agricultural intensification or overbuilding, so especially at lower altitudes as in the valleys of Ticino.

The distribution is Adriato-Mediterranean (especially in Italy and the Southern Alps, in some places also in the central Alps).

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