Polyommatus argyrognomon (Bergsträsser, 1779)

Polyommatus argyrognomon: Male [S] Polyommatus argyrognomon: Male [S] Polyommatus argyrognomon: Male [S] Polyommatus argyrognomon: Female (sind meist distinct blau abovegossen) [S] Polyommatus argyrognomon: Female [S] Polyommatus argyrognomon: Ovum [N] Polyommatus argyrognomon: Half-grown larva Polyommatus argyrognomon: Larva (Tauberland, S-Germany, 2009) [M] Polyommatus argyrognomon: Larva [S] Polyommatus argyrognomon: Larva [S] Polyommatus argyrognomon: Pupa [S] Polyommatus argyrognomon: Pupa prior to emergence [S] Polyommatus argyrognomon: Habitat (northeastern Baden-Württemberg, Germany, August 2011) [N]

Host plants:
Coronilla varia and Astragalus glyciphyllos

Polyommatus argyrognomon colonizes higher growing, nutrient-poor grasslands, abandoned vineyards, old quarries, only once cut meadows or embankments with the occurrence of larval host plants.

Life cycle:
The egg overwinters. Depending on the location, Polyommatus argyrognomon has one or mostly two generations in the course of the growing season with butterflies in June and again between late July and August.

Endangerment: strongly endangered

Endangerment factors:
In Central Europe Polyommatus argyrognomon is endangered due to succession on fallow grasslands and as a result of habitat loss through intensification like excessive mowing.

Polyommatus argyrognomon is only distributed locally in Central Europe (such as in the Upper Rhine and Main area in Germany, in Northern Italy, very locally in parts of France, very rare in Southern Scandinavia and the Baltic States), and is more widespread only in Southeastern Europe (e.g. Istria to Northern Greece).

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