Leptophyes punctatissima (Bosc, 1792)

Leptophyes punctatissima: Male [M] Leptophyes punctatissima: Male (northern Baden-Württemberg, S-Germany) [N] Leptophyes punctatissima: Male [M] Leptophyes punctatissima: Female [M] Leptophyes punctatissima: Female [M] Leptophyes punctatissima: Female dorsal [M] Leptophyes punctatissima: Larve (male) [N] Leptophyes punctatissima: Female larva [M] Leptophyes punctatissima: Habitat: orchards in hedge-rich region with extensively managed undergrowth. [N]

Plants (often leaves of shrubs)

Leptophyes punctatissima inhabits particularly bushy grasslands and pastures, hedges with extensive, wide herbaceous edges and other mosaics with woody plants and herbaceous open areas.

Life cycle:
The eggs are laid in bark, bark crevices and dead plant stems. The larvae live at first floor closer to the ground on young shrubs and herbs. As adults they are found also on trees and higher shrubs from July to October.

Endangerment factors:
Leptophyes punctatissima is only under little threat, since it is quite flexible. Nevertheless, they also suffered losses due to the destruction of extensive edges.

The distribution ranges from Northern Spain through Central and Southern Europe to the Ukraine with focus on France, southern England, the western Alps and west Germany.

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