Tylopsis liliifolia (Fabricius, 1793)

Tylopsis liliifolia: Male (Askion, Northern Greece) [N] Tylopsis liliifolia: Female (shortly after mating) [N] Tylopsis liliifolia: Female [N] Tylopsis liliifolia: Female (Askio mountains, N-Greece) [N] Tylopsis liliifolia: Female [N] Tylopsis liliifolia: Habitat in the Askio mountains (Northern Greece), where also Celes variabilis and Tettigonia caudata occur [N]

The animals feed on soft plant parts. Probably aphids and other soft insects are not despised.

Tylopsis liliifolia colonizes bushy grasslands, forest edges and other rich textured terrain.

Life cycle:
The adults occur from late June to early autumn. They like to sit on low bushes or shrubs.

Tylopsis liliifolia is quite common in Southern Europe. To the north it penetrates to the southern edge of the Alps.