Thyris fenestrella (Scopoli, 1763)

Thyris fenestrella: Female (e.l. Valais 2009) [S] Thyris fenestrella: Adult (Alpi marittime, Cuneo, Italy) [M] Thyris fenestrella: Ovum [S] Thyris fenestrella: Larva [M] Thyris fenestrella: Larva (Valais, June 2009) [M] Thyris fenestrella: Pupa [S] Thyris fenestrella: Larval shelter (Valais, June 2009) [N] Thyris fenestrella: Larval habitat at a dry slope in the Swiss Valais in June 2009 [N]

Host plants:
Clematis vitalba.

The moths inhabit often warm and dry habitats such as steppe-like slopes, quarry successions and shrubbery borders. They are also found at the edges of riparian forests, on bushy grassland slopes and in clearings.

Life cycle:
The pupa hibernates. The moths fly in one or two generations from May to August (peak usually in June/July for a single generation). The caterpillar lives from late May through September. It is easily found due to the characteristic wrapped leaf tips.

Endangerment: endangered

Endangerment factors:
This species is endangered since unproductive Clematis locations fall often victim to an increasingly intensive forestry/agriculture on the one hand or radical bush removal measures on dry slopes on the other hand. In the Southern Alps, however, Thyris fenestrella is still more commont and less threatened.

Thyris fenestrella is distributed from Northern Spain across parts of Southern and Central Europe and Turkey to the Urals.

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