Phaneroptera nana Fieber, 1853

Phaneroptera nana: Male [N] Phaneroptera nana: Male [N] Phaneroptera nana: Female [N] Phaneroptera nana: Adult untypical on a rock after a flight jump (Madeira, March 2013) [N] Phaneroptera nana: Male (Madera 2013) [N] Phaneroptera nana: Male (Madera 2013) [N] Phaneroptera nana: Habitat in the Ticino [N] Phaneroptera nana: Habitat in Madeira (Sao Lourenco, March 2013). At this time I observed besides a few males especially many young larvae. [N]

The species feeds especially on different, mostly soft plant parts such as flowers and leaves.

Phaneroptera nana lives in dry, sunny locations with at least partial higher vegetation such as quarries, warm forest edges, brownfields or scrubby grasslands.

Life cycle:
Phaneroptera nana is adult quite late in the north and can be observed from midsummer until well into the autumn. The eggs overwinter. In the south (e.g. Canaries), Phaneroptera nana is probably to be observed all year round.

Phaneroptera nana was originally distributed in the Mediterranean and ranges from there to the Southern Alps (about Ticino). Recently it is also spreading due to global warming in places north of the Alps, as in the Basel region or the Rhine valley.

Phaneroptera falcata