Euchloe simplonia (Boisduval, 1828)

Euchloe simplonia: Male [N] Euchloe simplonia: Male [N] Euchloe simplonia: Ovum (Valais, 2000m asl, early July 2008) [N] Euchloe simplonia: Ovum (Valais, 2000m asl, early July 2008) [N] Euchloe simplonia: L1-larva [S] Euchloe simplonia: L2 prior to moult into L3 [S] Euchloe simplonia: Larva in penultimate instar [S] Euchloe simplonia: Larva (e.o. Valais 2008) [S] Euchloe simplonia: Larva [S] Euchloe simplonia: Habitat: dry alpine river bed in the Valais [N]

Host plants:
The larvae feed on Biscutella laevigata and allegedly also some other Brassicaceae.

Euchloe simplonia colonizes rocky slopes, screes, avalanche corridors, gappy pastures and mountain meadows at elevations between 1000 (rarely lower) and 2500m above sea level.

Life cycle:
Euchloe simplonia flies in a single generation from May (lower altitudes) to early July. I observed fresh males at about 2000m above sea level in early June (Wallis) and eggs as late as early July 2008. The caterpillars are found from June to early August.

Endangerment factors:
In lower altitudes, Euchloe simplonia is threatened by over-intensive cultivation (grazing, mowing, viticulture, overbuilding with Chalets etc.).

Euchloe simplonia occurs in the South Alps (France/Italy) to the Valais and adjacent parts of the Swiss Alps.

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