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Here you can find additionally some Orthoptera species (Ensifera, Caelifera, Mantodea). These groups show distinct ecological niches and can be used as bioindicators for nature conversation purposes.

Currently, there are 346 species available.
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Female (Canigou, Prats-de-Mollo-la-Preste, 2100m asl, mid-October 2013)  
Cyrtaspis scutata
Male (S-France, Massif de la Sainte Baume, early October 2014)  
Decticus albifrons
Male (Madeira, Sao Lourenco, March 2013)  
Decticus aprutianus
Male (Italy, Gran Sasso, Campo Imperatore, 2000m, late September 2016)  
Decticus verrucivorus
Male (eastern Swabian Alb)  
Dericorys lobata
Adult (Fuerteventura)  
Drymadusa dorsalis
Female (e.l. rearing Samos Island, larva in late April 2015 near Klima)  
Male (Greece, Samos Island, Lake Alyki, May 2017)  
Male (Cyprus, Limassol, Akrotiri Salt Lake, early November 2016)  
Female (Thessaloniki, N-Greece, late June 2013)  
Ephippiger cunii
Male (Canigou, French east Pyrenees, 1400m asl, October 2013)  
Male (Croatia, Istria, Brsec,mid-July 2016)  
Female (Northern Greece, Serres, late July 2012)  
Ephippiger melisi
Male (Italy, southwestern margin of Gran Sasso National Park, 900m, late September 2016)  
Male (Ticino)  
Ephippiger ruffoi
Male (Italy, Abruzzes, Gran Sasso, 1700m, late September 2016)  
Male ssp. bormansi (Ticino, Monte Bar)  
Male (Central Spain, Teruel, Sierra de Javalambre, late July 2017)  
Male (Central Spain, Teruel, Moscardon, late July 2017)  
Male (Colle di Sampeyre, late August 2010)  
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